QuickFun® is a product in constant evolution. We are happy to announce a few updates that will increase the fun for our customers !

CDN Change: Amazon Web Services
To ensure a fast, reliable and secure service, QuickFun®  has been deployed on Amazon Web Services. 
AWS is the leading web hosting & CDN provider, with the largest cloud infrastructure of the world. Top OTT services use its technology, such as Netflix, Peacock & Disney+ Hotstar.
We’ll be able to serve our short form players with extra fast toolsets.

Video Compression
To ensure instant enjoyment, we optimized the compression of our gameplay videos without jeopardizing their quality. Users with lower bandwidth will now be able to scroll the service with no latency. 

Database Optimization
To support the future awesome features of QuickFun®, we started a deep restructuration of our database. We’ll be able to manage more complex information in order to provide the most suitable games our customers need.

Our next major iteration will be released in Q3 2021. Stay tuned !