It’s a first ! QuickFun® is now released in Belgium through the Telecom Operator Orange. Snackable gaming is now ready for both NL & FR speakers.

As the internet embraces the age of short form content, the demand for instantaneous games has been surging. In the mobile gaming market, Hyper Casual & Casual have been the most growing segments in 2020, with a 90% growth for Hyper Casual alone (Appsflyer – The State of Gaming 2020 Edition).

The rapidly growing audience brought on by lockdown restrictions across the globe has led to a large rise in the number of new players for these softer categories, with a particular appetite for the snackable, instant entertainment provided by HC and, to some degree, casual games.

Adam Smart, Director of Product – Gaming at AppsFlyer.

HTML5 is the best format to consume bite-sized gaming as it is 100% streaming-based (no more downloads!). 

Large entertainment companies such as Disney, and its Marvel subsidiary, have been producing web games for years, offering instant fun to their consumers. Now you’ll find them all on QuickFun®, alongside a hundred of other awesome titles. 

More territories are included in our roadmap.
Stay tuned for more !