A new milestone has been reached: QuickFun® is now released in the United Arab Emirates. The 10 million subscribers of Etisalat will now be able to enjoy all the fun of snackable gaming in one unique platform.

Several months after its initial launch in Belgium, QuickFun® now expands in the MENA region with a first step in UAE. We thank all our partners for the hard work, and are happy to announce that Etisalat customers will now be able to swipe for their next games!

2020, with the coronavirus pandemic and the boost of digital content consumption, short form content skyrocketed in all entertainment formats. Tiktok passed the 800 million users threshold, Instagram launched Reels, its bite-sized streaming feature. Eventually, Snapchat introduced Spotlight, another means to promote viral videos. In the gaming world, Hyper Casual has seen incredible growth over the past year.

Global consumers will continue to enjoy snackable content in the near future. QuickFun® will offer them the best instant games in collaboration with incredible partners.

More territories are included in our roadmap.
Stay tuned for more !